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【Terms and Conditions of the Osaka Marathon】
(1)The event organizer cannot accept applications by applicants who disagree with the concept of charity programs.
(2)Please note that each individual applicant can only apply for one race. Duplicate race entry applications / participations for Osaka Sports Supporting Runners and individual runners by the same applicant are prohibited. If duplicate applications by the same applicant are discovered, the entries will all be rejected and any entry fee and relevant charges paid will not be refunded.
(3)Falsifying name, age, gender, record or race participation by someone other than the applicant him/herself (dishonest entry) and transfer of berths are prohibited. If the event organizer identifies such dishonest acts by an individual entry, your entry will be canceled and your application for future races rejected. The event organizer will not make any compensation or refund for the entry fee and relevant charges.
(4)After the application procedure, canceling or switching the event category for personal reasons is prohibited. Entrants will only be contacted by e-mail or phone if the event organizer deems it necessary to confirm registered information.
(5)The event organizer will not be responsible for delay in the application procedure due to any problems with PCs, smartphones, Internet browsers and network connections during such activity.
(6)Please note that the Call Center or event organizer will be unable to respond to any inquiries concerning entry status or the result of the drawing.
(7)In case of overpayment or double payment, any excess amount paid will not be refunded.
(8)Entry fees will not be refunded if the race is canceled for any reasons beyond the control of the event organizer i.e. earthquake, storm, flood disaster, snow, accidents and infectious diseases.
(9)The event organizer will not be responsible for delayed arrival of entrants on the race day due to public transportation and road conditions.
(10)The event organizer will not be responsible for illness, loss or any other kinds of accidents. The event organizer will conduct first-aid treatment in the event of an accident during the race; however, it will not take any further responsibilities.
(11)Carrying any unrelated equipment to the race is prohibited.
(12)Wearing or displaying any designs or brand names representing commercial names or trade names, etc. used for advertising purposes within the event site (including the race course) is prohibited.
(13)Usage and portrait rights of images, photographs and articles covering the event, entrants’ names, ages, addresses (country, prefecture or city) and their records used for TV broadcasting, newspapers, magazines and Internet, belong to the event organizer.
(14)If approved by the event organizer, photos and things like that may be sold on a commitment basis.
(15)Regarding any matters other than the aforementioned terms and conditions, please comply with instructions given by the event organizer.
(16)The race will be implemented in accordance with all relevant national laws and ordinances.
(17)These application guidelines are for the Osaka Marathon 2020.

(1)Some PCs, smartphones, operating systems and browsers may cause errors and you may be unable to complete your online application procedure.
(2)Regarding receipt for the entry fee and other charges
◎If you pay via credit card:
No receipt will be issued. Please use your credit card statement or bill issued by a credit card company as your receipt.
◎If you pay at a convenience store:
No receipt will be issued. Please use your copy of payment made as your receipt.
(3)Please train sufficiently and prepare properly, as well as considering your physical condition via a checkup, etc. before participating in the race.
(4)Costume-clad runners are not allowed to participate from Block A.

【Policies on handling of personal information】
The event organizer abides by the personal information protection law when handling participants' personal information.
The event organizer, acknowledging the importance of protecting personal information, abides by all laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information when handling the same.
The event organizer will use personal information for the purpose of enhancing services to participants, including race details, results notifications, notifications of relevant information, and providing services by event sponsors, support organizations and their affiliates, as well as results (rankings) announcements.
※The event organizer or Osaka Marathon Call Center may contact participants to confirm the information stated in their application forms.
※The event organizer (Osaka Prefectural Government, City of Osaka, and Osaka Association of All Athletics (OAAA)) will not provide any personal information on participants to the co-organizer (The Yomiuri Shimbun) and related mass media unless we obtain their approval for coverage.
Within the scope of operating this event, the event organizer may provide personal information to the related organizations including World Marathon Majors LLC which operates Abbott World Marathon Majors located in the United States and outsourcing companies including the ones in overseas if necessary.

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